Thursday, June 19, 2014

Presentations support, audio improvements and more.

We’re looking to make a series of major enhancements to Kaizena over the summer months. Today, we’re excited to release the first.

1. Support for Google Presentations

You asked for it overwhelmingly, so we built it. We will be releasing several updates over the summer to support a wide variety of file formats, starting this time with Google Presentations. Look out for more file formats to come!


2. New way to highlight

By enabling support for file formats that are not fully text-based, we now use a new model of highlighting. Simply drag your mouse and release to draw a rectangular box to leave one - it’s just like selecting on your computer’s desktop. You can create highlights on top of text, images, a part of an image, anywhere!


As part of this change, we will be phasing out the old model of text highlighting. All new documents uploaded will use the new model, but existing documents with text highlighting will still be viewable until the end of the summer.

3. Audio improvements

Remember how annoying that little box with the tiny circle beside “Allow” that you had to click on? We heard ya, and we hated it too. With today’s release, we are switching from Adobe Flash and our Media Server (which many of you had firewall issues with) to HTML5. Technical lingo aside, this means that Chrome and Firefox users simply have to click “Allow” once in their browser, hit record, and start speaking. No more firewall issues. No more issues with not being able to see or click on that small box. This allow button will be the only one you’ll have to click on:

(Chrome pictured. Other browsers may look slightly different)

Unfortunately, with this update, Safari users will be unable to record audio until it is able to support this (relatively) new web standard. It is still possible to view feedback, make text comments & resources, and do everything else on Kaizena on Safari. It was a tough compromise, but we’ll make up for it. :)

4. Support for multiple (and many) pages

One recurring theme that we heard from some of our most loyal users was how difficult it was to use Kaizena on documents with many pages. We’ve enhanced the system to support many pages seamlessly, and we’ll continue to work on making this better over the summer.


5. Highlight-specific links

Now, when you open up a highlight, you will notice that the web address on your address bar will automatically update. Accessing these highlight-specific links (permalinks) will automatically scroll to the highlight and open up the feedback thread associated with it. It’s a great way to share a particular piece of feedback.

First of many to come! Remember, we’re always open to your feedback at

 - Edward